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I've been in sales for 30 years now. I was "that guy" that thought there was nothing that I could be taught. After working with John and using his techniques along with his Methodology on how to sell, I quickly found out I was wrong. Not only am I in a better place financially because of John and his methods but I'm a better person as well. If improving your life and lifestyle is what a person wants, then you owe it to yourself to work with John. You won't be sorry for it!!

Terry H.
Tucson, AZ

I have worked for Jonathan Poole for many years and he has always been a very caring and genuine person! When he is working with individuals he takes time to listen to them, hears what they are saying and helps them find the answers they need. He has always been interested in their progress and success in their job. I will continue to work with Jonathan as I believe in his commitment to others to help them succeed in life!

Kathy T.
Tucson, AZ

John Poole was my mentor for close to 6 years. Under his tutelage, I went from being a call center rep making cold calls, to running “non-traditional” marketing for a company that does over $16 million a year in revenue. He taught me many things, but the two most important were how to be a stronger leader, and to never accept anything as good enough. In my field, complacency is a huge factor and it is all too easy to slip into, unless you have a mindset that you can do better than you did previously, and this is where Mr. Poole shined. He was great at not only identifying issues in my thought pattern, but also at helping me grow personally to change those patterns. I can honestly say that without his help over those years I would not be where I am today. My family and I all thank him daily for the way he helped me grow.

Rick G.
Tucson, AZ

Being a sales professional for 17 years, I thought I knew it all! So, I was skeptical at first. After only 2 sessions with Jonathan and his methodology, helped me turn a no into a yes! Proudly closing 57% of my leads brought me to a new level personally and professionally, which now is a Corporate position involving lead generation in multiple cities. I am grateful to have met you because you are truly Mr. Genuine.

Rocky P.
Tucson, AZ

John, you were the only person that didn’t judge me. You gave me a chance when nobody did and that has changed my life and my family’s.

Claudia I.
Yuma, AZ

You gave me an opportunity to change my life and now I see things differently. Thanks to you now I am a better person inside-out. You made me see things in me that I thought I was never capable of doing and inspire me to do more. I love the way you don’t judge anyone, you give second chances, and the way you care about one another. I am blessed to have met you. You made me realized there is a lot more I can do and not to settle for less. I learned so much from you and from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much and you are very much appreciated.

Martha R
Yuma, AZ.

I went to work for John in 2013 with over 25 years of installation experience and thought I knew a lot about everything. I actual didn’t know as much as I thought. John taught me how to work with customers and that “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care”. I have learned a lot working in 3 different positions under John’s leadership and what I have learned has help me with my career, as well as every aspect of my life. I am a much better installer and person today because of working with John.

Brian M.
Tucson AZ

There are many things I could say about John Poole! When I first starting working for John in 2014 I had been at a dead end job for 9 years. I was nervous and skeptical about starting a new job, however John let me make the the adjustment slowly and gradually. He allowed me to work both jobs with flexibility to my schedule. I knew I only wanted to work for him because as time passed he created a family oriented atmosphere that made going to work fun and enjoyable. As time went on I went through the pregnancy of my last daughter and again he worked with me the entire time as the pregnancy was high risk. I had absolutely no stress while at work thanks to John. During the time I worked for John Poole he has gained my utmost loyalty and respect. I have never had a Management mentor like him before and am positive I will not see all the valuable qualities in any one else as I have in John. He taught me how a work place should be and if I ever had the opportunity to work for him again, I would without question.

Amber H.
Tucson, AZ

I was hired in 2014 by General Manager John Poole. The first thing I took notice of when I met John was that he was very professional and self-assured. I saw an experienced and successful business leader who was dedicated to motivating and ensuring the success of others. His many years and success in the window industry speaks for itself. For the few years that I worked with John he always showed compassion and understanding even through difficult times. He always provided recognition to his employees when it was deserved and was always 100% loyal to both the company and his employees. The one saying he had that will always stick with me was "The speed of the captain is the speed of the boat". John very much practiced what he preached and made everyone feel a part of the same family. All being said, John is one of the most professional business people I have ever worked for. Me and my family will always be greatful for the opportunity he provided me and would not hesitate to work for him again should a future opportunity arise.

Aaron H.
Tucson, AZ