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The Mr. Genuine "dream team" members were not aware of each other's existence prior to May 22nd, 2017. Mr. Genuine Consulting came to beautiful Boise, Idaho, for a 90-day reset of a local company's business structure. Our entire team will tell you that everything happens for a reason, and John's arrival in Boise is certainly no exception, for there he met Ken McMahon, whose special talent with people made him Mr. Genuine's first recruit. Janae's talents for writing and organization came right when John needed an executive assistant to coordinate the blossoming Mr. Genuine Consulting and the current reset. John has rewarded Ken & Janae recently with the both of receiving a 20% minority ownership in Mr. Genuine Consulting for their continued commitment to excellence and being the best teammates John has ever had.

       John Poole, who founded Mr. Genuine Consulting in March of 2017, is incredibly excited to finally see his dream come together. He handles classes, mentoring, individual development, and consulting. John is currently consulting with Renewal by Andersen of Boise, where he is giving jobs and making the employees' futures brighter. He is currently writing a book about the ten "Genuine Principles" by which he lives his life each day, and will always tell you that It's Fun To Be Happy!

       Ken McMahon, Development Specialist, has so many skills and talents, he's hard to nail down with a simple description. Marketing. Management. Tech Support. Interior design. Photography. Translation. Team building. Code Writing. Really, if you need it, he can do it, and do it well. Ken’s current focus is residential home improvement and marketing/sales, and he graduated from Ball State University with a degree in business administration and design. Ken is currently assisting Mr. Genuine Consulting as the outside marketing manager at Renewal by Andersen in Boise.

       Janae Wilkerson, Executive Assistant, is a jack-of-all-trades and organizational guru: she runs the office, writes website content, and manages Mr. Genuine’s sister business, “It’s Fun To Be Happy,” and does really anything that needs doing. Janae is a recent graduate of Northwest Nazarene University, where she studied English literature and philosophy, and is a member of the National English Honors Society. Janae also does free-lance writing for non-profit organizations, and is excited to work in a place where she can see philosophy in action.