Mr. Genuine Consulting offers a unique service from our team of sales specialists: we are known experts in creating processes and systems to build up an organization’s business structure. Mr. Genuine’s team will help plan and implement a sales strategy, set up internal systems, hire and develop your new employees, while creating a culture that is ideal for long-term stability and continued growth. The positive results we create will be both immediate and lasting for your organization.

Our primary focus is assisting small-to-medium size companies that can’t usually afford the high cost of this type of quality service.

In addition, individual sales professionals seek out Mr. Genuine for one-on-one career development and personalized mentoring built around their chosen, specific agenda.

Mr. Genuine Consulting offers basic and advanced sales-closing training to small and midsize organizations and individual sales professionals. John, our sales trainer, is a known expert in the home improvement industry with an unmatched background in in-home, one-call closing, who has built multiple business from scratch. One-call closing is by far the toughest facet of the sales industry, and we offer years of actual experience doing and teaching it. The advanced sales-closing training programs taught by Mr. Genuine Consulting are not as complex as most others, but we’ve found that complicated doesn’t always mean effective: our simple methods are both easy to learn and genuinely successful.

Imagine learning to walk into a prospect's house with nothing but a cold lead set only yesterday, and close a sale 40% or more of the time. If you can do this consistently, it is simple to make a nice, six figure income. Top sales performers close 50% or more of their presentations, and retain 90% of all written business. This is the level of the “Elite Sales Professional,” who makes $200,000 (or more) a year and never struggles to find work. And Elite Sales Professionals are found everywhere—not just with the huge, national companies. Our head trainer has propelled sales representatives into the “Elite” status for his entire career, and our team can teach you the selling system to do it, too.

The specialized sales and closing training programs at Mr. Genuine Consulting will cover all the essential elements for developing elite sales professionals:

  • Ten step selling system
  • Tie Downs
  • Assuming the sale
  • How to negotiate
  • Retaining your sale by the give back
  • Self-generating your own leads
  • Building sales culture
  • Presenting price
  • Effective listening
  • Writing training manuals
  • Create personalized system
  • Proper warm up
  • Creating Urgency
  • Selling finance
  • Discounts and keeping credibility

Mr. Genuine Consulting is not yet a nationally-known firm. But that just means to us, you are not a number on a page: we offer personalized training and specialized development. We have expertise and experience to make a difference, and the commitment and drive to give you the first class training you deserve.

Our founder, John, has been involved in business-to-business sales many times over the years. He has years of practice as an account executive, which, as we all know, is just glorified sales person! John’s success in business-to-business sales taught him secret to following up correctly, negotiation, and how to get past gate keepers on the phone and in person. With our training program for business-to-business sales, you will learn to write the order on the second call!

Too many sales professionals take “no” too easily, but with our training program, you won’t have to settle for average again.

Here’s an idea of the business-to-business sales techniques and topics you will become an expert in:

  • B2B system
  • Major commitments needed
  • Correct Tie Downs
  • Assuming the sale
  • How to negotiate
  • Do not act like you did something
  • Feel good, feel bad concept
  • B2B follow up
  • How to get past gate keeper
  • Close no later than 2nd call
  • Calling is not good enough
  • Promotional Selling