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John's Genuine Principles are 10 simple daily actions that could change your life like they did his. This wonderful self-help guide helps you understand why our company slogan is “It’s Fun to Be Happy!”. Please look for the book, ‘Mr. Genuine’s Principles’ to be release in time for Christmas 2017.

1) Pay it Forward
Leave every situation better than you found it for the next person that comes after you. When you help a person, maybe they will help someone as well.

2) Do the Right Thing
When you have a great character and good heart you will always make the right decision.

3) Pack your Patience
Don’t be late for things and always be in a rush. Also, you should not go to places or at certain times that you know will busy if you can’t wait patiently.

4) Make a Difference
Give things to people that need them worse than you. Do something for someone in need when they did not expect and don’t take credit for it.

5) No Negative Energy
Know the facts of reality, not what your perception of it is. Speak your mind and share your concerns with family, friends, co-workers & don’t hold it in.

6) Do not Judge Anyone
Treat everyone the same. Be humble at all times and don't treat some people different than others no matter who has what.

7) You Own it, No Excuses
Don't let other use them against you. Never give excuses, whether true or not, as to why you failed to get something done.

8) Prove it Only to Yourself
Don’t be concerned what other people think of you. When you focus on what you think about yourself, everything else works out.

9) Kill Them with Kindness
Be nice to everybody, no matter what. Compliment people and want to make them feel good, not bad.

10) Never Sweat the Small Stuff
Don’t worry about things you can’t control. You can’t let small petty issues concern and bother you.