Sometimes it’s not easy to become who you want to be, to shape yourself into the person you know you should be. However, your journey doesn’t have to be made alone—sometimes it takes an outside voice, a helping hand, and someone truly invested in helping you reach your goals.

Mr. Genuine Consulting wants to help individuals who are committed to improving themselves, who want to take charge of their own journeys and discover a meaningful life. Sometimes thinking about happiness can seem childish—life is harsh, right? No one at Mr. Genuine Consulting is denying that. But we also know that despite pain, it is possible to discover joy, and that despite what the news says every day, there is good in the world. At Mr. Genuine Consulting, we can not only tell you a different story, we will show you. John’s Ten Genuine Principles will help you discover that it is helping people and doing the right thing which truly makes a difference in life.

Mr. Genuine Consulting offers individual mentoring programs where you set the objective, and help reaching the goals we set together. Every mentoring client must be ready and willing to make the recommended changes and be able to work with constructive criticism. Change is not easy, but it is an essential part of growth. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear—but like silver refined in a flame, we will help you accept the truth and use it to become a stronger, more confident person. Mr. Genuine Consulting is on your side—we expect more of you than you ever thought you could achieve.

Mr. Genuine Consulting is committed to helping you—that's why we set aside two nights a week for free mentoring. All of our other mentoring and coaching programs have extremely affordable terms, because it's important to know that we are here for you, not the dollars you would give us.

Mr. Genuine Consulting’s mentoring programs are designed around very specific objectives and timelines. Our work focuses on positive job search preparation, your current career path, personal life organization, motivation & encouragement, all other personal development topics at your request. Mr. Genuine Consulting builds a personal development program around each individual’s goals, expectations, career, and daily life. We are only here to help you accomplish your own goals, and holding you accountable for your commitment to yourself. Never let your financial situation stop you from getting genuine help in achieving the success and happiness you want and deserve.

We always offer a free initial consultation to hear about you, design your personal program, and determine what's best for you. We also encourage parents to contact us concerning their high school and college age children, so that we can help them prepare to meet their career dreams.

Our only goal is to help you achieve your personal goals—if that’s not with us, we are happy to recommend other services we think might be a better fit.

Mr. Genuine Consulting is currently accepting new mentoring clients in Boise, Idaho.