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Mr. Genuine Consulting’s lead generation expertise means that we will tailor a program specifically to your organization, operational procedures, marketing agenda, and product offered. We will examine and review your current procedures, and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action that will have an immediate impact with your lead flow—and lower your cost of marketing by several percentage points. Mr. Genuine Consulting’s plan of action and specific time-frame for implementation will be efficient and at an affordable cost for your organization. Due to its proven success, our neighborhood door-to-door canvassing program comes with an exclusive “return guarantee”-Based on the terms of our agreement, our unique "return guarantee" means if our agreed upon results are not being accomplished 30 days after Mr. Genuine completed our original service agreement, then we must return to your organization again for sames amount of time and perform our service at no additional cost to you except travel expenses.

Here’s what our programs include:

  • Creating culture
  • All call center functions
  • Motivating pay plans
  • Appointment Setting
  • Effective recruiting
  • Manager duties
  • Proper cold call lists
  • Neighborhood canvassing
  • Expected results and ratios
  • Confirmation scripts
  • How to be Consistent

Every sales organization and individual sales professional has a system for lead generation that got them to where they are today, but will it get you to where you want to go tomorrow? Never forget, you must change to grow!

Mr. Genuine Consulting will soon be available to establish third-party telemarketing and canvass leads generation to our customers who would rather outsource this aspect of business.

All sales organizations have a primary concern: whether the marketing department can bring in a sufficient number of appointments for the sales staff. This ratio is imperative for an organization’s success and long-term growth. Whether you are in business-to-business sales, home improvements, insurance, mortgage, security alarms, or any related sales profession, the sales staff must have enough prospects to close consistent sales.

All business owners and marketing managers know that the cost of generating leads is one of the most expensive areas of business: advertising in print, radio, online, etc. is more expensive than ever. The bottom line? Your cost per lead is higher than ever before. Many organizations accept a 15%-20% lead generation cost, but you don’t have to. Mr. Genuine’s team has an outstanding history of increasing lead flow AND reducing your current cost of marketing by several points. What does this mean for you? Keeping prices low, services more competitive, and profits increasing—in short, the stability of a healthy company.

History of Lead Generation Success

John R. Poole formed Mr. Genuine Consulting in 2017, after spending more than 22 years in the home improvement industry, with a primary focus on sales, marketing, and employee development. John spent over 20 years of that time as a Sales Manager, Co-Owner, and General Manager. He has planned and opened several successful new home-improvement locations in multiple states.

John's success running all phases of the home improvement began when he left the east coast after 16 years with one company, mostly as a selling Sales Manager and caretaker of multiple neighborhood canvass programs. John took advantage of an invitation to build a new window company along side of a current roofing company in Colorado in September 2009 in the middle of the great recession. With the help of his son who went with John, they started a canvass program for the new window company and with-in the first 8 days sold several leads and generated $65,000 in revenue that set the foundation for another successful sales and marketing office. In 2010 they were the #1 new dealer nationwide for the window manufacture where the windows came from.

John then decided to travel some and was visiting a friend in Tucson in May 2011 and received a phone call from the local Renewal by Andersen franchise. He started there in June 2011 with 5 employees and 1.7 million in revenue, and left in February 2017 with over 110 employees and 16 million in revenue. The neighborhood door-to-door canvassing program in Tucson was built around John's system, and produced 6.5 million in revenue in 2016.

John continued his success with Renewal by Andersen by planning and opening a successful location in Yuma, Arizona, at the end of 2016. He built this new location entirely on collected canvass leads, and the branch is continuing to thrive and exceed expectations. John is currently consulting on another project for Renewal by Andersen in Boise, ID, where he is resetting a current branch for short-term and long-term success.