Mr. Genuine Consulting’s lead generation areas of expertise are tailored specifically to your organization, operational procedures, marketing agenda and product offered. We will examine and review your current procedures and provide you a comprehensive plan of action that will have an immediate impact with your lead flow that will lower your cost of marketing by several percentage points. Mr. Genuine’s plan of action and the specified time frame to implement new procedures will be efficient with a very affordable cost to your organization. Based on the terms of each agreement, we also have a “money back” guarantee on some canvassing programs. Our work includes;

  • Creating culture
  • All call center functions
  • Motivating pay plans
  • Appointment Setting
  • Effective recruiting
  • Manager duties
  • Proper cold call lists
  • All training
  • Neighborhood canvassing
  • Expected results and ratios
  • Confirmation scripts
  • How to be Consistent

What every sales organization and Individual sales pro has accomplished in the past with lead generation has led them to where they are today, but will it continue to work and get you where you want to go tomorrow? Never forget, “You Must Change to Grow”!

Our company will soon offer qualified 3rd party telemarketing and canvass leads to the companies that would like for us to this work for them. We will start offering the 3rd party leads to current customers by August 2017 and new customers in September 2017.

All sales organizations primary critical area of concern is if the Marketing Department can issue a sufficient amount of appointments to the sales staff. This is imperative for the organization’s long term success. Whether you are in B2B sales, Home Improvements, Insurance, Mortgage, Security Alarms or any other related sales profession, the sales staff must have enough prospects to see and close the necessary number of sales. When you have consistent lead flow the sales reps get into a positive rhythm with their presentation and write more net business. All Owners and Marketing Managers know the cost of generating leads is usually one of the two most expensive parts of the business. Advertising in print, media, radio, etc. is costlier today than it ever has been. This means your lead cost is higher than ever before. Organizations accept a 15% - 20% cost and they do not have too if they adapt to the current time and are willing to change some processes. Jonathan’s team has an outstanding history with increasing lead flow AND reducing your cost of marketing by several points. This allows you to keep the prices of your good and services more competitive, increase your profits and have long term stability. These are ingredients in the recipe of a healthy company.