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Founder John Poole envisioned Mr. Genuine Consulting during his time as a business owner and manager, when he realized he yearned for more than a nine-to-five job dedicated only to making money. For ten years, he pictured a business which did more than business, and a genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives grew in his mind. During his time as general manager for his latest position, John realized that the corporate world was not the right place to do so, and decided to strike out on his own. Thus he became a consultant to concentrate on his favorite, most meaningful part of his business: working with small organizations to increase revenue and mentoring individuals to live a happier life.

Our team is genuinely dedicated to helping people discover the best side of life—whether personal or professional—by offering free mentoring classes twice a week, affordable sales/closing training, lead generation, and low-cost small-to-medium business consulting.

John knew as soon as he arrived in Boise for a 90 day consulting agreement, he would make Boise his new home. The Treasure Valley region is full of wonderful people and is a very clean place to live. Living in a state with four seasons again will be enjoyable. Mr. Genuine is in Boise to help anybody, anyway, and every day.